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    Wireless Smoke Detector

    MD-2105R is wireless smoke detector, it adopts thermistor sensor and photoelectric infrared LED indication, tamper switch button, built-in buzzer, exact detect smog density when it over the standard level (UI 217 / 3.2%/feet), it can make the alarm by itself via built-in buzzer, and also send out the wireless alarm signal to alarm control panel at the same time, low battery indication that make once sound in each 2 hours via built-in buzzer, easy to install on ceiling or wall using the screws with countersink heads which had packed in the package.


    thermistor sensor / photoelectric infrared LED
    smog sensitivity comply with UI 217 / 3.2%/feet
    sent status signal every 15 seconds or 65 seconds
    no emit radioactive element
    auto send signal when low power voltage or re-setting
    built-in buzzer make once sound in each 2 hours when battery low voltage
    self-testing indication: infrared LED turn on and then make 2 buzzer sound
    alarm indication: infrared LED turn on and around 30 seonds buzzer sound at the same time
    power input: 6VDC (CR123A 3.0V Lithium Battery x 2pcs)
    static current is 20μA ~40μA / alarm current is 20mA
    alarm volume: 85dB at the distance of 10 feet
    operating environment: -5C ~ +50C /  humidity: 10% ~90%
    wireless emitting frequency: 433MHz / 868MHz
    wireless emitting range is 100m (in open area)
    dimension is Φ105mm / ivory white color
    Model number: MD-2105R
    Battery life time about one year
    Power:6V DC CR123A*2
    Debugging mode: ASK
    Working frequency: 433MHz
    Working environment indoor use,-5 to +50℃ 
    humidity 10%-90%
    Self test indication: red LED turn on then voice prompt 
    self test successfully.
    Alarm output indication: red LED turn on 5 seconds 
    then buzzer sound
    Battery low voltage indication: sound once in each 2 zones.

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